Our Team

David Mosberg Founder / CEO

Over the past two decades, David honed his business acquisitions and turnarounds expertise. During that time, he created long-term systems and environments that consistently produce sustainable growth for businesses that work with him in his consulting firm.

He brings 25 years of extensive experience in business administration and management to the table. His primary focus is empowering companies to magnify profits while prioritizing exceptional customer and client experiences.

In recent years, David shifted his attention to small and medium-sized companies. Working closely as a business partner, he has achieved remarkable success in optimizing their financial opportunities and establishing a solid track record of sustainable growth.

“My passion has become helping small business owners take their unique gifts and turn them into enduring financial legacies.”

When David is not helping businesses build their financial legacies, he is an instructor at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He also works with local youth to develop their financial and money management skills to create more opportunities for upward mobility.

David lives with his wife in Montgomery, TX. As a former professional chef, he enjoys putting his culinary skills to work and has a deep love for reading.

He is a contributing author of All In: 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs Share Success Secrets for Unlocking the Impossible and Achieving Your Wildest Dreams.

Jenn Feede Director of Accounting

Jenn leads our finance team and has a passion for precision and accuracy. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping, her primary goal is to support our business clients and help them achieve success. She accomplishes this by providing robust financial reporting to give clients the tools needed to make informed decisions.

Jenn has an insatiable appetite for learning and constantly seeks opportunities for growth in her professional expertise and personal life. Beyond her work, she enjoys dining out, exploring new places through travel, and playing tennis.

Carlie Clarke

Carlie brings a wealth of bookkeeping experience across 18 years of professional employment in the field. She honed her skills through roles with public accountants and her own entrepreneurial ventures. As an experienced business owner, she understands our client’s needs and challenges and what it takes to build a business from the ground up.

Beyond her dedicated client service, she relishes precious moments with her family and the companionship of her two Yorkshire Terriers. On sunny days, you can find her cruising in her boat on Lake Conroe.

Jodie Gilmore

Jodie is a bookkeeping and payroll specialist with 15 years of experience. Prior to joining our team, she owned a thriving business, concentrating on managing the finances for other small business owners. She understands the importance of accurate bookkeeping and how precise financial records can help owners better understand profitability, uncover ways to cut costs, and use financial data to make sound business decisions.

When she steps away from her professional duties, she tees off on the golf course, explores the world, and cherishes time with her family.