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Like many entrepreneurial journeys, mine began in an unlikely place.

After college, I took a job as an executive chef with a company that was the largest private club owner in the country.

While I loved being in the kitchen and had worked as a chef for many years during high school and college, I found the role of a chef in a typical restaurant, even high-end places, was more like working in a factory. We made the same dishes every night. NO creativity allowed!

Private clubs were different. I was given more creative license, crafting interesting dishes and pushing the boundaries of my culinary skills. It was truly all about the food and hospitality!

Then, POS (Point of Sale) systems entered the scene and changed the approach to managing the food and beverage business. Suddenly, we had massive amounts of data.

Many chefs began to push back because they were interested in cooking, not micromanaging  costs in the kitchen. Curious about the potential of this new technology, I began to dig around the system and found we could use the data to create more efficient kitchen operations.

The POS system allowed us to see the cost of each dish down to Every. Single. Ingredient. I could tweak a menu and see how it would impact the price of a meal. It could significantly affect the bottom line when used as a food management tool! Making money selling food became just as much a challenge as making the best meal I could create.

After breaking down costs in a spreadsheet, I could better manage the kitchen using the features available in the new technology. Soon, I was training other chefs on how they could use the system to improve the bottom line in clubs around the country.

This experience taught me that I had an excellent grasp of calculations and an understanding of operating costs while, at the same time, keeping my creative edge. During this time, I learned about essential business operations. Soon, the company promoted me to Food and Beverage Director, and I helped underperforming clubs increase profits using technical skills paired with marketing, accounting, and financial strategies.

After only a short twenty years, my next career move was to a much smaller company. Here, I began to understand the intense cash management challenges small businesses face. Small businesses had to be frugal, efficient, and scrappy, unlike major corporations with multi-million dollar budgets, who can replace a $100,000 freezer in an afternoon.

I learned that most small business owners lack financial and cash management skills. They know their product or service like it was their first-born child. But they often don’t know how to make money (profits). A company could have solid sales of two million but spend nearly, or even more than two million to get there.

Then, an event occurred that changed my life.

My father-in-law was one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. He worked long hours to provide for his family. But when he was ready to retire, as a small business owner, he was unprepared and returned to work repeatedly just to pay the bills.

My world shattered the day I got the phone call telling me his health no longer allowed him to work and asking if he and his wife could move in for financial reasons. How could a man I admired find himself in this situation?

It didn’t take long to discover that he was one of millions of families on the pathway to the same future.

At that moment, I knew if I wanted to REALLY help small business owners, I needed to transition into a business owner/entrepreneur’s role rather than working as an employee for one company at a time.

By creating business roadmaps, I found I could help these business owners increase sales and escalate profits. In one case, using my proprietary roadmaps, I took a half-a-million-dollar company to 12 million in sales in one year.

Small business owners are often so busy running the company they don’t take care of their finances. Without a company pension or 401k to rely on, they do not set aside enough funds for the future. And while they often plan to work forever, life events and natural aging always catch up, and the day will come when they are physically unable to carry on.

And what about their legacy?

At Pocket Protectors, our mission is to help small business owners like you grow your business and find success. To help you operate as smoothly as possible, create positive cash flow, and build wealth and a legacy through your company that can live beyond you and the company you started.

Here you will find resources, which are an essential part of increasing profitability. We also provide the support necessary to actually build your dreams and create the net worth you deserve.

Written By: David Mosberg

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