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Supporting Small Business Owners and Independent Contractors to lead them to Financial Independence.

The Pocket Protector Mission

Your Full-Cycle Business Partner for DIY and DFY

At The Pocket Protectors, our mission is to empower small business owners, self-employed individuals, and independent contractors. We seek to help you improve your relationship with money and your business by providing the knowledge, tools, and skills required to achieve lifelong financial security and independence.

– Before working with David and his team, I was lost, tired, and constantly chasing the next job to cover the costs of the last. After working together for just a few months, I had a grasp on how to better manage cash flow, get ahead of my financial situation, and sleep at night.

Brent - General Contractor

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We understand that you are ALL-IN when it comes to your business.

Whether you are passionate about an idea that you want to bring tothe marketplace
You are ready to take your company to the next level and scale to new heights
The business faces roadblocks and challenges that need a fresh approach
You are at the end of your career and need succession planning guidance

The Pocket Protectors are here as your strategic business partner.

We provide our clients with comprehensive business financial literacy and direction, enabling them to start, grow, and scale their operations to sustain their lifestyles and become net-worth millionaires. Our programs have helped hundreds of enterprises navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, grow their companies, and create sustainable wealth for their families.

Together, we can help you build a prosperous future for you and your business, enabling you to live out your life comfortably leaving a legacy of success and financial freedom for your family and community.

Through our unwavering dedication to entrepreneurial development programs, we will provide the resources and support needed to create high-net-worth enterprises that enable you to achieve your financial dreams.

Optimizing Your Business Model for Success

As a small business owner, you face unique challenges and struggles on your journey to success. You are the backbone of the enterprise and may feel the need to master every aspect of starting, running, and growing a business, but often find you lack the knowledge and resources needed for efficient operations.

You wear multiple hats, from CEO to janitor, and accountant to customer service. The sheer volume of responsibilities can be exhausting and overwhelming, leaving you little time for strategic planning and growth initiatives.

The struggle to sift through and use available data is real in today’s information age. You are bombarded with massive amounts of information, much of it irrelevant to your specific needs. Finding reliable and actionable insights in the midst of all the noise can be like searching for a four-leaf clover. This information overload often leads to wasted time when resources are already scarce.

Finally, the challenge of accessing advice and information tailored to small businesses is a pervasive issue. Much of the available guidance is geared toward large corporations and traditional W-2 employees, leaving small businesses to feel underserved and misunderstood. You need practical, relevant, and scalable solutions catering to small business enterprises; with unique dynamics.

I learned all of this through my journey as a small business owner. Searching for the help I needed was exhausting. I followed top-line experts and money savings gurus, but no one truly understood what I needed in a consolidated format.

The wisdom these experts provided was not an actionable and balanced plan I could implement. I needed processes and systems that would allow me to manage the entire business from soup to nuts, and it wasn’t available!

I didn’t want others to continue to wade through vague advice that was only useful under certain circumstances. I wanted to build a program that could walk any small business owner through the entire process so they could learn to manage the whole thing!

In light of these challenges, we created The Pocket Protectors to serve as a partner and resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We know that choosing a knowledgeable partner becomes paramount to optimizing success. Collaborating with experts who understand the intricacies of running your business can make all the difference. A knowledgeable partner can provide strategic guidance, financial acumen, and access to valuable resources.

We will help you create efficient operating systems, improve cash flow management, and navigate the next steps to amplify your success.


Professional Small Business Training & Development Hub

Unlock your team’s full potential through our Small Business Training and Development Hub, where our comprehensive and immersive programs are tailored to elevate your teams’; skills, cultivate business growth, and propel success in the business world.

What We Offer

Sharpen Your Business Growth Toolbox


Our Business Startup Program covers topics from concept development to business strategy to the grand opening. Our program guides you through every step of the business startup process. We help you understand what you need to do and when you need to do it. Then, we walk you through each essential step required for business success to ensure you gain the confidence, expertise, tools, and knowledge required to lead and build a thriving business.


From laying the groundwork for sustainable growth to business development, our Business Expansion Program equips you with the necessary insights, tools, and resources to grow your footprint and reach new levels of prosperity successfully. We designed our program to arm you with the essential knowledge and tactics needed to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. You will learn management, marketing, and accounting strategies to help you build a loyal following while maximizing profits.


New technologies, trends, and supply chain issues can alter economic outlooks and threaten your existing business model. The speed of technological advances can change your business needs and structure almost overnight. Your company must remain agile to adapt and transform as markets evolve. Our Business Reorganization Program guides you through identifying tailored solutions that empower you to stay competitive and thrive in today's dynamic landscape.


Our Succession Planning Program helps you establish and follow an exit strategy to make a smooth transition. Whether you aim to sell, pass it to heirs, or explore alternatives, we walk you through the options and help you decide which avenue best meets your needs. We designed the program to empower you with the knowledge and tools to ensure a success full transition and to safeguard your legacy.

Advisory & Consulting Services

If you are eager to fast-track your journey to business success or feel like your company is under performing, our upgraded services are tailored to propel your business forward with maximum efficiency. We provide our private clients with premium tools, personalized guidance, and accelerated strategies to optimize operations, boost growth, and conquer new markets. We help elevate your business experience and unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial vision.

Why Choose Us

More than 20 years of experience

My name is David Mosberg, and I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of businesses
reach their full potential over my expansive career. Read more about my personal journey here.

Decades of Experience:

My direct employment history exposed me to the management, accounting, and marketing side of multiple industries. As a consultant, I also work with clients across a wide range of trades.

Comprehensive Programs:

Our programs explore every aspect of running, scaling, and sustaining a business, including financial, marketing, team development, culture creation, and updating accounting strategies.

Time-Tested Solutions:

Adapting to technological advances as they become available, our approaches work across diverse industries and varying economic climates.

Only White Hat Resolutions:

We only promote legal and ethical practices to grow your business and achieve financial independence.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Partner with The Pocket Protectors

In the complex and rapidly evolving business world, experience is an invaluable currency.

David Mosberg, the brain behind The Pocket Protectors, is not just any entrepreneur. He carries with him over 25 years of working experience, a time period that has seen immense changes in the business landscape, making his insights both deep and broad.

Failures create some of the most valuable lessons you can learn in business because behind every success is a string of failures. Thomas Edison famously described the process of creating the lightbulb in this way, I didn’t fail 1,000 times. Instead, I found 1,000 ways NOT to make a light bulb!

While most successful entrepreneurs shy away from discussing setbacks, David has not only started, built, and maintained multiple successful companies, he also started and failed. This dichotomy of experiences has gifted him with a holistic perspective on what works and what doesn’t in the business world.

By choosing to learn from The Pocket Protectors and their team, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to minimize potential pitfalls and gain insights from his past challenges.

Over the past decade, The Pocket Protectors has not only been a testament to David’s business acumen but has played a pivotal role in the growth of over 150 other companies. It showcases not only the versatility of David’s expertise but his ability to adapt and provide solutions across a wide range of industries and business models.

Partnering with The Pocket Protectors is more than just a business decision; it’s an investment in wisdom, experience, and proven strategies.

For entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the tumultuous seas of business, our team can act as seasoned captains, guiding ships safely to their destinations. In an age where expertise is often claimed but rarely proven, The Pocket Protectors stand out as a beacon of genuine knowledge and success.

Course List

Entrepreneurial Mastery: Courses to Catapult Your Business Vision

Discover the core skills for entrepreneurial success with our targeted courses. Gain practical insights to refine your strategy, enhance your financial acumen, and drive innovative growth. Propel your business forward with knowledge designed for impact.

Financial Literacy for Business - 'Start-Up' to 'Exit'


Navigate the financial, compliance, and business documentation terrain of entrepreneurship with clarity. Our comprehensive course guides you from start-up to exit, equipping you with the critical skills needed to build a resilient and thriving business.


Join Our Business Coaching Program And Start Seeing Results Now!

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Our Clients Testimonials

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Billy S.
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"I was ready to get into business for myself but didn't even know where to start.  David met with me, outlined an actionable plan, identified where I needed help with things I simply wasn't going to do, and got me off the ground.  3 years later, I am taking home 6 figures and am well on my way to becoming a millionaire."
Mary V.
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"I owned two restaurants and felt like I was working 100 hours per week and getting nowhere. I wasn't making money and felt awful.  David and his team identified that one of our restaurants was literally eating the profits of the other. And although it was one of the hardest decisions to make, he encouraged me to sell the one that was losing money.  Not only did we break even on the sale of what we had invested, but we are up to over $150k annually in profit in the one store we were neglecting for the one that was killing us!"
Dr. Nadeem J.
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"Triumvir helped turn our medical practice around by providing us with financial reporting we could actually understand.  We were focused on being busy, not making money and that has not only changed our financial position, but our patients are happier with better outcomes.  We are proactive vs. reactive and thriving now."
Jeff S.
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"We have been so impressed by the responsiveness of David and his team.  They have helped us through things as simple as making a good decision on purchasing equipment and just being an extension of our company that we can depend on and trust."
Kenin K.
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"They helped us to go far beyond our limited viewpoints to realize that we could build a financial future for our family.  After two years of working with David, we have saved over $135k in taxes, put money towards our retirement for the first time in our 11-year business history, and are about to close on our own building.  NO MORE RENT!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are tailored for entrepreneurs at all stages—from those with a budding business idea to seasoned business owners preparing for an exit strategy. The courses are ideal for anyone looking to deepen their financial and legal understanding to ensure the robust growth of their enterprise.

Once enrolled, you will have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to learn at your own pace and refer back to the content whenever you need it.

We provide comprehensive support for all course participants. Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions you may have and to assist with any challenges you encounter.

Our courses cater to a wide range of skill levels. While some courses are designed for beginners, others may require some foundational knowledge. We recommend reviewing the course prerequisites before enrolling.

Yes, we have an active community forum where learners can discuss course material, share insights, and network with fellow entrepreneurs.

We offer a '7-Day No Questions Asked Full Refund Guarantee.' If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within 7 days. Just send an email to our support team, and we'll process your refund promptly.

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